Ricardo Breceda Gallery & Sculpture Garden



A lovely place to stop and enjoy the scenery along highway 79. I never get tired of strolling amoung the sculptures imagining what would happen if suddenly they became alive. And of course what would they look like in my front yard?

This one would be perfect to scare away prowlers!


This one would be perfect to greet your guests upon entering your home.


Room for one more!



This is the new location since my last post. I like it better as it seems a bit more accessible from the road.


Notice the cabana on the hilltop. A few of them dot the landscape.
Such endearing expressions from the horses!
Notice all the details. The leather straps, the curve of the hooves, the movement of the legs, the muscle definition. Amazing.
The curtain frills and luggage tacks are just a few of the numerous details to be seen.




All aboard!
So much beautiful detail. The horses mane looks as if it’s blowing in the wind.

Next stop I’ll have to visit more species. As you can see the horses are my favorite! For more information visit Ricardo’s website.


44450 Highway 79 S. Aguanga, CA 92536-8903

4 Replies to “Ricardo Breceda Gallery & Sculpture Garden”

  1. Awesome artwork! We should go and visit again. I wonder what new stuff he has made since our last visit.

    1. Seems like he always has at least a few new pieces each time I drive by. Yes we should!

  2. wow those are really awesome horse sculptures! looks like a good time! 🙂

    1. The sheer quantity of sculptures is just amazing. The experience of walking up and down the rows of creatures feels like going back in time.

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