Sneaky Snuggler Puffy Camping Blanket

A bit smaller than my queen size bed. Once again Maggie & I are collaborating to create this informative post.

Soft, smooth, squishy, and warm is what I feel beneath this blanket.  I don’t use the heater at home.  I rely on my low-E dual pane windows to keep my place warm in the winter.  Sometimes bundling up in sweatpants and a hoodie isn’t enough and I’m left cold.

That’s when the Sneaky Snuggler Puffy Camping Blanket comes into play.  It’s light and keeps me warm without suffocating me like a heavy blanket would.

Storage bag is a bit larger than my Macbook Pro.

It’s nice how you can squish it down into a tiny bag for storing during the warmer months or carrying it around on a camping trip.  I’m staying warm this winter under the Sneaky Snuggler blanket and not at the mercy of the local utility company.  Thanks to Montem for sending it for us to try out.

A bit thicker than my 15 ” Macbook Pro.
Above portion written by Soo
It’s a bit shiny in the sun.
Couldn’t help but want to try out this blanket after Soo was so happy with it keeping him warm. The warm blanket I usually have in the winter does take it’s job seriously and sometimes makes me a bit hot and I have to throw it off during the night. 
This blanket (Sneaky snuggler puffy camping blanket) uses similar material as your usual sleeping bag. It’s a bit slippery, lightweight and cool to the touch. Perfect for sitting on the couch while watching a movie. If you move around a lot, which I do, the blanket has a tendency to fall off. It kept me warm when I needed it but is not my favorite. I’m sure it would be great for camping. 
My favorite blanket (that I bought at Pottery Barn) is still my fuzzy, soft, heavy, queen size that surrounds me in a cushion of calming fluffiness and helps me sleep better. 
Above portion written by Maggie

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