Tony’s Fresh Mexican Food

On my way to or from Mira Mesa I passed by this building many a time.  Before Tony’s I remember it being MXN.  I wondered what the food was like.  I have found some good places on Miramar Road like Seaside Buffet, Chin’s, and  LouZiana Food.

Today was the day to try Tony’s.

Carne asada taco came with 2 medium size tortillas.  They had a light corn flavor.  Carne asada was a bit dry and light on flavor.  This would be a real tasty taco with more marinade and less cooking.  Carnitas taco was a little dry and crunchy.  Tasty pork flavor.  Tacos came with a good amount of meat and filled me up.

I like how they have a pool table and Foosball.  Looks like a cool spot to hang out but not a culinary destination.


Tony’s Fresh Mexican Food
7122 Miramar Rd
San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 566-4152

4 Replies to “Tony’s Fresh Mexican Food”

  1. Love the picture of the pool table and foosball!

    1. We can go next time you want to play!

  2. I thought LouZiana Food was pretty good too Soo. Though a bit over-priced.

    1. I have a weakness for the fried catfish at LouZiana Food and it’s closer to me than the other fried catfish spots I like so I can pay a bit more to save quite a bit of driving. 🙂

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