Rose Parade Post Parade: A Showcase of Floats, Tournament of Roses, Chapter four out of six

Shriners Hospitals for Children, Caring for Kids Around the World.

Teams of horses participate in the Rose Parade each year. I never get tired of their stunning beauty, elaborate costumes and excellent horsemanship showcased by each rider. Bummer you can’t visit them too after the parade, just like the floats.

Over 370,000 flowers including Black Magic Roses and dark lavender carnations selected to represent the darkness of space.

My favorite this year was the mini therapy horses wearing angel costumes complete with wings. So Cal Mini Horse Sanctuary out of Hemet CA, has rescued over 100 abandoned horses. Additionally, 50,000 adults and children have been visited by these horses for therapy.

Shriners float features Fezzy the official mascot. Mascot materials; cornsilk black beans & puffs. World materials; walnut shell, blue status & ground parsley.

Ktla 5 pins with Rose Parade logo’s go out each year. People collect and trade them!

Trader Joe’s float, Hats off, The Fearless Flyer. Won the Showmanship Trophy.
The Fearless Flyer aloha waist coat made with; red strawflower & powdered rice. Hat made out of seaweed. During the parade he tipped his hat, popcorn and streamers came pouring out. Very cool to watch.
Hat’s off is a gesture of gratitude to Trader Joe’s customers and crew members.
Trike covered in lemons, everlasting & lentil covered carrots.
The Rick-shaw includes; brown lentil, soy and pinto beans.
Honda float, 110 foot long Power of Dreams Express is the lead float entry for the 2018 Rose Parade.
Materials used; yellow straw flower, clover seed, lavender ,white mums, yellow split pea stars & coffee.
Amazon prime Float, Make your own momentum. Won the Crown City Innovation Trophy. Features three separate floats, human powered! Quite impressive the endurance of the people pushing these floats!
The spirit of adventure.
Deja Vu’ orange crush flower and star 2000 Roses.
UPS Store, Books Bring Dreams to Life. Won the Extrodinarie trophy.
Sea monster materials; green yellow button chrysanthemums, carnations grapefruits, oranges, lemons and limes. Just love this vibrant green color!
Hydrangeas imported from Chile.
Sea monster movement powered by custom built hydraulic unit.


The UPS Store runs a Toys for Tots literacy program.
Sea monster rises from the waves alongside books that have been transformed into boats.
Singpoli American BD. The story of this float was by far the most inspirational and filled my heart with hope. During the parade Singpoli had an App available for download that let you interact with the AR enhanced float.
Winner of the Sweepstakes Trophy. Singpoli American BD, Rising Above.
Chinese legend of the dragon details a story of perseverance. Leaping carp are making the journey to the gates hoping to be transformed into powerful dragons.
Crysanthamums, tangelo carnations and marigolds. Nigella, crushed sweet rice, poppyseed for the stone wall.
Eight waterfalls.


250 flower blossoms.
Rising above adversity brings us closer than ever to our dreams.

Although it was unseasonably warm on January 2nd, the flowers did remarkably well. Make sure to visit Chapter’s one, two & three! Filled with more lovely photographs of the floats. 

Sierra Madre Blvd & E Washington Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107

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  1. Great photos of the floats! Those flowers look so awesome.

    1. Thanks sweetie!

  2. Good research on the floats! Much better
    Job than the tv commentators!! You don’t
    Get good closeups like that on tv either!

    1. Being up close to the floats is such an amazing experience. I love to admire all the details and find it hard to tear myself away so I could go to the next one. This year I tried a combination of different angles and close ups with my camera. So glad you like them!

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