Dumpling Inn

Flames heat iron wok
Noodles char on hot metal
Smoky aroma.
I remember when this mall was built and Woo Chee Chong was the anchor tenant.  My uncle was the executive chef.

New kitchen area.
Every visit I looked forward to getting a quart of pork chow mein.  Sometimes I watched as he cooked up a fresh batch in the wok.  Big fat egg noodles had a unique flavor I’ve never experienced anywhere else.  Noodles and the cabbage and the pork tasted so good.  My uncle was always in the kitchen cooking till it closed in 1993.  🙁
Where my uncle use to cook.
Now the Dumpling Inn chefs are cooking in that same prep area.
3 ingredient pan fried noodles.  The chicken and shrimp are perfectly cooked and delicious.  I don’t eat calamari.  I wonder if they would substitute pork next time…  Crispy egg noodles and broccoli have a nice flavor.  This dish is in my top 10 fav pan fried noodle list.
Pork pan fried noodles is my fav dish here.  The noodles are crunchy till you soak them in sauce.  Sauce gives this dish a delicious flavor.  Pork is tender and has delicious pork flavor.
Wor won ton noodle soup. Chicken, and shrimp was tender and had good flavor.  Pork won tons had good flavor.  I’m biased towards pork and shrimp won tons though.  Broth was delicious and I could have drunk the whole bowl.
Chinese sausage fried rice had contrasting flavors at play.  Rice had a mild smoky wok flavor while the sausage had a fresh vibrant savory flavor.  The sausage is among the best I’ve found in town.
The last time I had delicious Woo Chee Chong chow mein was a few years ago when I saw my uncle at a potluck.  Dumpling Inn has carried on a great noodle tradition in this space.  I love how they turned the space into a classy eatery.  It is a big improvement over the old Dumpling Inn space.  I’ll be back to try the chow mein.
4625 Convoy St
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 268-9638

10 Replies to “Dumpling Inn”

  1. Great story about your Uncle! Lovely food pictures.

    1. Thanks! The food was great!

  2. Gotta try the place! It brings back fond memories of shopping for cioppino ingredients at Woo Chi Chongs’!

    1. Give the noodles or fried rice a try. That’s what I keep coming back for. 🙂

  3. I’m totally drawing a blank about Woo Chee Chong. I know I’ve heard the name but cannot remember anything (looks, logo, etc) about it. That’s cool your uncle was the lead chef of a restaurant! Did you get any perks for knowing him 🙂 Did he retire?

  4. It was the first Chinese Market in San Diego. You can read about the origins here:

    I got free chow mein and he did retire.

  5. Cool story! I wasn’t in SD back then but sounds like your Uncle was legit.

    1. Thanks! He made some great chow mein. I usually order pan fried noodles at restaurants cause the chow mein usually isn’t as good as his.

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