The Donut Palace – El Centro

When I was a kid and we were driving home from the beach I remember seeing the freeway sign for the 8 freeway to El Centro.  It was over a 100 miles away I wondered what it was like there.  We always got off the freeway before we got anywhere near El Centro.  I checked it out today on the way home from Scottsdale Arizona.  It was a small town full of fast food places and taco shops.  Looked kinda like El Cajon back in the old days.

The coolest place I stopped to visit in El Centro was The Donut Palace.
It’s classic looking drive through donut shop.
Glazed donut was fresh, fluffy and had a delicious sweet glaze coating the yeast based dough.  Awesome classic glazed donut.
Apple fritter was huge a meal in itself!  Loved the crunchy crust and glaze.  Apple filling was delicious and plentiful.
I was shocked they sold concha’s here.  Concha was big and denser than the glazed donut but not as dense as the apple fritter.  Flavor was minimal.
The Donut Palace has a nice classic vibe.  I’m gonna be back for more donuts but I’m gonna look elsewhere for good concha’s.
The Donut Palace
175 S Imperial Ave
El Centro, CA 92243
(760) 353-8679

7 Replies to “The Donut Palace – El Centro”

  1. Lovely picture of the front sign!

    1. Thanks! You should try one of their donuts next time!

      1. Yes! On our next visit I have my eye on the apple fritter or the Torta.

  2. Happy Holidays Soo!

    1. Thanks! 🙂 Happy Holidays Kirk!

  3. Sis and I recently passed by Krispy Kreme. She was sad that most KK’s no longer have the red sign flashing for hot donuts.

    That’s cool this place also sells burritos !

    1. Oh no… How will she know if the donuts are fresh? I got sad old donuts at Dunkin Donuts.

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