Boathouse Restaurant

I love watching blinking Christmas lights and the Peanuts Christmas Special Christmas Day.  We open presents and eat a home cooked meal.  This year we decided to try Christmas lunch at the Boathouse.
They had a special menu just for today.

I was impressed by the holiday decor starting with the tree outside to all the decorations inside.
Inside we met Mike the most cheerful person I’ve met while working on Christmas.  Service was outstanding as he come by at the most opportune times to check and us and keep our glasses from ever being empty.
Sourdough bread had a crunchy crust, soft insides, and mild sour flavor.  I like it as much as Boudin.
Prime rib Captain’s portion provided me a big meal with leftovers.  I asked for the end piece which was well done.  Flavor was pretty good.  I was hoping for a crust full of spices and flavor but it was not to be.
For desert I sampled a scoop of mud pie.  Vanilla ice cream tasted like Thrifty’s french vanilla and was really good.  There wasn’t that much chocolate cookie so I missed trying it.
Creme brulee had a crunchy top and creamy beneath part.  I liked the flavor except part of the top had this sharp flavor a bit like the sugar was burned too much.   Much better quality then what I’ve had at buffets but not as good tasting as Flemings.
On a previous visit I tried the fish and chips made with cod.  The batter had a nice mix of spices and had a little bit of crunchiness.  Alaskan cod had minimal flavor as it was frozen and defrosted before frying.  Overall this dish was good as long as you like the flavors from the batter.  French fries were cut shoestring style and I liked the seasoning they used to enhance the nice potato flavor.
I really enjoyed the view of the bay and the awesome service here.  This is a good place to spend Christmas if you don’t want to cook.  Make sure you ask to be seated in Mike’s section.

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  1. Just loved all the Christmas decorations! Mike is an exceptional server!

    1. Hope we get Mike on our next visit!

  2. I’ve heard the end slices are darn good but I always prefer the middle where it’s more rare. That’s fun you went out for Christmas lunch! I usually like the cookie crust AND fudge in a mud pie. Are those sugar glazed walnuts on top of the mud pie? Yums.

    1. It depends on where you go. I had an awesome end piece at the buffet at Viejas. Those were walnuts. Happy New Year Faye!

    2. Yes it was our fun family event! We shared the yummy mud pie.

  3. Looks good, Soo. I haven’t been to the Boathouse in awhile but always liked it in the past. They offer excellent value. The fish and chips look nice too.

    1. I really enjoy the view of the bay. 🙂

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