San Diego Air & Space Museum – Yelp’s Fright At The Museum

It’s my favorite time of the year.  When I was a kid I loved seeing ghosts, ghouls, and witches.  Now I look forward to seeing costumed Yelpers.



Waldo & Batgirl


Burger and fries


Harry Potter



There are many alcoholic drink options but I was really happy to see Topo Chico was available from the bartenders.
Strawberry shaved snow

One of my favorite refreshing desserts was SNOICE which was sampling their strawberry flavored shaved snow.  It was richer than a snow cone and full of delicious strawberry flavor.

Gelato from Gelato Paradiso was extremely cold and extremely delicious.  I loved how thick and rich the gelato was.
Blackberry chocolate chip had a mix of berry and chocolate chip flavor.
Mint chocolate chip had a mixture of mint and chocolate chip flavor.
Cali Comfort was serving tri tip sliders.  Flavor was good but some of the meat was tough.
Trails Eatery had a variety of desserts.  I tried the butterscotch.  Pastry was fresh and had a sweet butterscotch flavor.
Florent had braised short rib which was tender and had a delicious savory flavor.
Blind Burro girls
Blind Burro had chicken tostadas.  Corn tortilla was very crunchy while the chicken was tender, juicy, and full of spicy flavor.
Doggos Gus had bacon wrapped hot dogs.  While the hot dog already was full of savory flavor the addition of bacon gave it additional savory flavor boost.  Bacon makes meat taste better!
Oddball Candy Company gave a choice of caramel or butterbeer.
I loved the Butterbeer which had sweet butterscotch flavor.  Caramel was very chocolate with a hint of caramel.
Rustic Root had smoked duck wonton.  Loved the flavor of the smoked duck and the crunchy fried won ton.
They also had candy corn blondies full of delicious sweetness.
Smoking Gun had smoked brisket with stuffing and mushroom gravy.  Super rich dish with tender, juicy, brisket.  Loved the flavor of the brisket.
Dave and Buster had spin the prize wheel and win prizes.  I won fingertip led lights.
Ruth Chris  had prime beef sliders.  Pretzel buns were coated with butter and toasted.  Beef, butter, and bun combined in a decadent orgy.
Giant black crows on stilts entertained the crowd.  Amazing how they can dance in the dark room.
Slater’s 50/50 had their signature burger.  Loved the flavor of their beef and bacon patty.
Chocolate filled.
Donut Bar brought their unique donuts.  The chocolate filled one was really cool looking but too sweet.
The plain one tasted just right.
Luche Libre had carne asada baked potatoes.  Loved the flavor from the juicy tender carne asada.
I loved seeing the planes inside the museum and there was a cool Be The Astronaut exhibit where various simulators were setup so you can learn to be an astronaut.


Thanks to the nice vendors that gave me info about their business and filled me up.  🙂  Thanks to Brad and Sandra for organizing this awesome event.  Thanks to the museum for having us.
2001 Pan American Plz
Balboa Park
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 234-8291

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  1. Great costumes this year! ?

    1. Yes including yours!

  2. Thank you for taking all the food photos! Looked like a fun event. The candy corn blondies freaked me out as I’m not a fan of candy corn. The mushroom gravy though looked amazing. As did the goodies at Donut Bar!! I love Donut Bar so bad.

    1. Welcome! That Ruth Chris slider was really good! You should go to Donut Bar.

  3. Ahh no regular yelpers allowed this year… maybe next year! Looks like you enjoyed your visit! Maggie’s face mask is cool! 🙂

    1. They are making too many people elite and the small events fill up really fast so I’m guessing this event will be restricted in the future as well…

      We had a great time! 🙂

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