The Green Pig – Kauai


Hawaii is my fav spot to eat at food trucks.  The views are spectacular as you can see for miles through the pollution free air.  Locations tend to be rural and there are natural sights to enjoy while eating.  Also there tend to be chickens waiting to eat the food you don’t want to.

I was excited seeing the cute Green Pig food truck.
I noticed chickens and cats make their home here.  They come by looking for handouts when your order arrives.
My plate lunch came with bbq pulled pork and pork belly.  I accidentally ordered additional rice which the chickens and cats happily devoured.  The pulled pork was tender of full of juices.  The bbq sauce gave the already delicious pork a tangy kick.  The pork belly was juicy and full of flavor.  The accompanying gravy gave it an extra savory flavor dimension.  I loved my lunch but next time I’ll order sauce on the side as I prefer less of a kick.
Awesome view of the ocean across the street.
Kealia, HI 96751
(808) 212-8343

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  1. It was nice chatting with the owner & his good friend. Loved watching the cat’s and chickens eat together. Wonderful day in paradise!

    1. It was an awesome lunch! We gotta visit again.

  2. Nothing beat the Food Trucks – we called them Lunchwagons when I was growing up in Hawaii.

    1. Cool! The food trucks in San Diego don’t seem as good as the ones in Hawaii. 🙁 I miss the chickens running around hunting for leftovers.

  3. christina l conaway says: Reply

    Food trucks on Kauai have really started to up their game. I’ve seen them grown and the variety has increased over the years. My favorites last year were Kikuchi’s, located in Lihui, they do giant bao buns with fillings. Over in Kapaa, is Scorpacciata. OMG, so good. They make Neopolitan pizza’s mostly, but they’ve had specials like fried chicken as well. I think we ate there about 3 times, which is a lot b/c I have my island favorites we have to hit up every year.

    1. Christina,

      You are very knowledgeable about the food trucks! Do you live on Kauai?


    2. The Neapolitan pizza sounds yummy. ?

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