Goodbye Sears UTC

This is the end.  One last look.  I posted about the going out of business sale here.

As they turn out the lights for the last time I wonder what will take over this huge space…

4575 La Jolla Village Dr
San Diego, CA 92122
(858) 622-9300


6 Replies to “Goodbye Sears UTC”

  1. This is so sad. They are closing one in my Mom’s neighborhood where I remember going as a kid. Feels really weird seeing this. Have a great day!

    1. Doh! I have a bad feeling about Sears. You have a great day too!

    2. When I think of Sears closing and how many people will be affected I wonder if other possibilities can be achieved. Sears became entwined within the fabric of our everyday lives. We all possess fond memories and life will not be the same without them.

  2. Maybe I’m sentimental but this post made me frown so hard. I’ll miss this Sears as I grew up visiting this store 🙁

    1. You can look at the photos I took during the going out of business sale to remind you of the good old days. I wish I had kept one of their old xmas catalogs.

    2. You’ll always have your good memories of this Sears, as we all do. Nobody can take those away.?

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