Johnny Rockets – UTC

UTC is a short walk to get a meal for me.  UTC is an attractive dinner spot as traffic in this area is terrible at dinner time so I don’t like hopping in the car.  I tend to alternate between Red Robin and Eureka Burger when I’m in the mood for a burger.  I was interested when I noticed Johnny Rockets opened in the food court and they were advertising on groupon.

Vanilla shake tasted rich and creamy like soft serve.  One of the best I’ve had at a fast food joint.
Onion rings had a nice crunchy texture but there was a nasty after taste.  I suspect the oil needed changing.
Fries were crunchy and had good potato flavor.
Quarter pounder had nice beefy flavor and the bacon had a nice savory flavor.  I like this burger better than ones I’ve had at Jack in the Box or Burger King.  I prefer the flavor of the beef at Red Robin & Eureka Burger.  Those places beef tastes higher quality and they season it a bit more.
Servers were nice and friendly but the cook put cheese on the burger when I asked for no cheese.  He made another pretty quickly.
There is a nice view of the ice rink so you won’t be bored while you eat.
This place is ok but I’d rather pay a bit more for a burger at Red Robin or Eureka Burger.  I am really looking forward to when Shake Shack opens later this year.  I wonder if UTC is big enough to support 4 burger joints…
4545 La Jolla Village Dr
San Diego, CA 92122

(858) 886-7995

6 Replies to “Johnny Rockets – UTC”

  1. It was fun watching the cute little kid ice skaters getting their lesson. ?

    1. I like ice skating too!

  2. Photos look great! Now I could totally go for a burger. It sucks that the burger tasted like old oil, hope they fix it. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks! The burger tasted ok. It was the onion rings that had the yucky after taste.

  3. This place was empty when I walked by it the other day. What was the groupon deal?
    I visited Red Robin and was surprised at how much I loved one of their new gourmet burgers (but it was like $15 bucks!).

    1. I paid $10 and got $20 worth of food. You are getting better tasting food at Red Robin + Eureka Burger so I recommend spending the extra money. I do like the shakes at Johnny Rockets.

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