Kauai thunderstorm

It’s dark and I’m asleep. Roar of thunder wakes me.  Lightning flashes and it’s as bright as day again.  I go outside and see light rain is falling and wind whips the leaves.  Every so often I see jagged lightning bolts flash between the clouds.  I feel alive as the wind blows around me and […]

Wailua River Guides

I remember the last time I hiked to a waterfall.  Back in my college days our photo class got together for field trips.  We took photos of each other in the water.  There wasn’t much water in San Diego so the waterfall was really small.  Secret Falls was quite different.  The quantity of water is […]

JoJo’s Shave Ice

    This place came highly recommended so it was on our ‘must do’ list. Hands down by far some of the best shave ice I’ve had since the Big Island. They make their own syrup with pure cane sugar and Hawaiian made flavoring, plus homemade creams. Only state of the art shave ice machines […]

Kauai Hawaii

Once you’ve been to any of the Hawaiian islands the saying goes you will always return someday. What I’ve come to expect after being gone for awhile, the islands have their own unique way of greeting you upon your return. It’s subtle, you have to be still and look for the signs because they are […]

Farmer Boys / Breakfast Burgers & More

I remember the orange groves and the green leafy vegetables.  When I was a kid we drove through Escondido to get to the Wild Animal Park.  Out the car window fruits and veggies grew in perfect rows.  It was peaceful and there were few people around.  Visiting Farmer Boys for a late lunch I marveled […]