• Kauai
  • WorldMark Kapaa Shore

    Waves crash against the shore drowning out most other noises.  We are separated from the ocean by the pool and a small strip of sand.    View of the ocean is amazing from up on the third floor.  I watched as light of the sun began to illuminate the darkness and it appeared from the […]

  • Breakfast
  • Fig Tree Cafe

      Finally made it here for an early lunch. Been wanting to try this place out for some time now. The only drawback is limited seating space. So I’d recommend getting here early for breakfast as the line starts to form shortly after opening at 8:00 A.M. Parking is at a premium in this neighborhood […]

  • Post by Soo
  • Mendocino Farms – La Jolla

    I remember the blackness of night.  Light bright as day streamed in the darkness.  Inside Blockbuster it was so bright it hurt your eyes.  Rows of dvd’s filled the place.  I use to bring my kid here to pick out stuff for us to watch.  I miss wandering the aisles and checking out all the […]