Mogan Mountain Tea Plantation

I  rarely see my kid since she started college at NYU Shanghai.  We use to go on tea adventures in San Francisco’s Chinatown and locally.  It was exciting tasting various loose leaf tea brewed in tea houses.  Now she goes on tea adventures in China where our favorite teas are grown.  It’s exciting every time she returns she brings me loose leaf tea.  On her latest adventure she went to  Mogan Mountain Qingcaotang (Green Grass Soup) Tea Plantation and picked her own tea.
Mogan Mountain
Tea house owned by the tea plantation
Field where we were able to pick tea leaves
Me picking tea leaves
The bounty after an hour of picking
Area where the workers dry out the leaves
After the tea has gone through a drying machine
Tea after it has been fried
Tea worker showing us how to fry the leaves
After the leaves have been fried once

Photos and captions by Mari

Mogan Mountain Tea Plantation
Hangzhou, China



Fresh tea leaves
Tea leaves after steeping.


After she returned with this latest tea I brewed it and enjoyed the fresh flavors.  This is the first time I got to see where the tea was grown, prepared, and purchased.  🙂

I look forward to Mari’s next visit and the tea she will return with.  My fav so far was a Jasmine with Rose petals.  It had a rich Jasmine flavor with a subtle hint of rose.  I’ve tried other versions of it and tried blending it myself but none were as delicious as that small packet Mari brought me on her first trip to China.

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  1. Love the picture of Mari picking tea leaves! Cool looking basket.

    1. Mari does the coolest stuff!

  2. Sarah Vetter says: Reply

    She has grown up so fast! Lovely photos of the tea fields and process 🙂

    1. Yes. I miss the old days when I was giving her piggy back rides everywhere. Thanks! Mari took some great photos!

  3. My grandmother recently lectured me that I should only drink loose leaf tea (vs the bagged tea she finds in my pantry). My family always brings me loose leaf teas from Asia when they visit me. This was a fun post to read as I didn’t know there were ‘pick your own leaf’ tea plantations!

    1. Your grandmother is wise. I only drink bagged tea at restaurants or events when they don’t have loose leaf tea. Your family is cool! What’s your fav tea?

    2. Smart Grandmother, mine advised the same. Loose leaf tea is supposed to be so much healthier for you.

  4. This is so cool. I find the whole process fascinating! Great pictures.

    1. Thanks! I am a huge tea fan so I loved learning about how I got my tea.

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