• Post by Soo
  • Mogan Mountain Tea Plantation

    I  rarely see my kid since she started college at NYU Shanghai.  We use to go on tea adventures in San Francisco’s Chinatown and locally.  It was exciting tasting various loose leaf tea brewed in tea houses.  Now she goes on tea adventures in China where our favorite teas are grown.  It’s exciting every time […]

  • Post by Maggie
  • Recipe for Banana Bread

    I’ve been thinking about incorporating some of my better recipe’s into our blog for some time now since my fondness for baking has been such a large part of my life. I really love creating variations on an old favorite and testing new ideas as well. So here goes!

  • Dessert
  • Lil’ Dipper

    When the night is long and hot.  There is a place in my hood I find relief.   Cold chills my tongue and heat drains from my body.  Flavor of huckleberrys and cream fills my mouth.  I never had huckleberrys before but they are delicious.  A bit like blueberries. Lil Dipper is my only source of Huckleberry […]