Elite Event: Seasons 52

I could not resist that tantalizing scent in the air.  It was a primal scent of fire and lamb.  I followed the scent to it’s source.   Kona crusted racks of lamb.  I sampled a lamb chop.  There was a crust of seasoning on the lamb licked by fire.  I asked for mine plain so I could enjoy the flavors without distraction.   Flavor of juicy lamb and crispy crust was delicious.

The awesome chef gave me 2 and I was getting thirsty.
I requested a sparkling water at the drink station.  Very refreshing and I really liked the light lime flavor.
I also tried the watermelon drink.  While I liked the watermelon slice the drink itself was not quite as tasty.
Cherry creme brûlée closed out the night for me.  I loved the crunchy crust the nice attendant with the butane torch created.  Overall the creme was extremely sweet and the cherries at the bottom which tasted like cherry pie filling made this dessert too sweet for me.
Line at the start of the event.


Near the end of the event as my Yelp friends starting drifting away I noticed there was no line for lamb chops and I had an additional sample.  Delicious.  I also socialized with Faye from Faye’s Fork our favorite blogger.
Thanks to Seasons 52 for the nice, friendly service, hospitality, food, drinks, and goody bag.  Thanks Brad and Sandra for this awesome event which I was able to walk to so I could burn a few of the calories I consumed.
4505 La Jolla Village Dr
San Diego, CA 92122
(858) 450-1252

5 Replies to “Elite Event: Seasons 52”

  1. Sometimes all you need to do is follow the smell. Wonderful pictures. Soo, you make a glass of sparkling water look amazing. Now that’s good photography skills. Best wishes for the both of you. I’m a big fan of your blog!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Marta! ?

    2. Thanks Marta! The water tasted as good as it looked. 🙂

  2. I didn’t know you didn’t like the watermelon aqua fresca. I thought it tasted pretty good. Have you seen those videos where people use whole watermelons (you scoop out insides) and use them for drink dispensers? So awesome. I wish I could eat lamb but the gaminess is difficult for me. Not sure how to break that.

    1. It wasn’t bad. I loved the slice of watermelon. I just prefer sparkling water. I never saw those videos. Sounds cool!

      Maybe if you hide the lamb in a burger?

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