Del Mar Fair 2017

I breathe deep the delicious scents.  Turkey legs are being smoked over a wood grill.  Sweet scent of cotton candy being spun.  Various meat on skewers are smoking.  Chicken is pan fried.  One of my favorite times of year is when summer starts and the Del Mar fair opens.  So much delicious food waiting for me.

I noticed my fav fish and chip place has added fried catfish.  I am gonna try it next time.  This visit I went with the fried cod and zucchini.  Cod had a fresh mild flavor.  Tempura batter had some crunch and a delicious fried flavor.  Zucchini spears were huge and had bold zucchini flavor.  This is my fav place to get fried zucchini as you get tons of zucchini flavor from the huge pieces and the tempura batter adds that delicious fried flavor without over powering the zucchini flavor.  The same reasoning applies to the fried cod.
BBQ beef ribs are smoked on a wood fire grill in the front.  I love the aroma from the wood emanating from my beef ribs.  The ribs are very tender and meaty.  Much higher quality than ribs I’ve bought on the supermarket to grill on my patio.  Bbq sauce adds some sweetness and a little big of tang.  Fries were the standard fast food fry.  Crunchy and with nice potato flavor.  Cooked in good oil there was no aftertaste.
Garden show/competition


Ricardo Breceda sculptures


You can buy these plants.
Let freedom ring


In addition to the awesome food I enjoy viewing the flower and garden show.  I try to go the first week the fair is open so I can see all the cut flowers before they wilt.  Inside the large building to the right of the entrance it’s cool and the sweet scent of flowers is in the air.  As I gaze upon the vivid colors I also sniff each delicate bloom.  Each has a unique scent.  Some are strong while some I can barely detect.
There are lots of cute animals to see and there is a petting and feeding area.
There is a really good photography exhibit which I didn’t take any photos of as it’s prohibited.
J. wins a sea turtle at the ring game.
J.’s favorite ride.


View of the fun zone from the Ferris wheel.


View of the fun zone from the Ferris wheel.


View of the sunset from the Ferris wheel.


To end the day I like to go for a ride on the Ferris wheel in the fun zone.  Lovely views of the fair from on high.  Neon glow lights up the rides.  To the west you can watch the sun set on Del Mar.
Till next year!
Cathy of mmm-yoso!!! has been posting about the fair for years.  Lynn of Oh-So Yummy sampled a ton of food.
2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd
Del Mar, CA 92014
(858) 755-1161

10 Replies to “Del Mar Fair 2017”

  1. Gorgeous pictures from the Ferris wheel! ?Think that cute rabbit was posing for you. Such a fabulous day with you and daughter! ?

    1. Thanks! I love going to the fair every year. 🙂

      1. Reading this made me feel like I was there. I wish. Great article, for few minutes it took my mind right there. The bunny was the star of the show. Lol. Gorgeous pictures of flowers, love the photo of the sculpture. Cannot wait for more from you guys.

        1. Thanks! You should go when the county fair is in your town! Next year I’m gonna try to go for 2 days. There was more stuff than I could eat in one day and there were more things to see.

          That bunny was really cute!

  2. I haven’t been to the Fair in ages. Your post is so making me want to try the fair again this summer. I’m always in awe of the food but then end up disappointed as everything tasted mass made and not fresh (to order). Were the fish n chips fried to order? Looks delicious though.

    The pictures are well taken Soo!

  3. You should go! The fish and zucchini was fried while I waited. It was hot and juicy when I ate it. I liked it a bit better than Mr Fish and Chips which is my go to spot the rest of the year.

  4. This is a great post, Soo! It’s interesting to see how others view the Fair and what they choose to visit or try. Good you went on a day that started out overcast; this week is going to be hot! Thanks for the link.

    1. Thanks! You are welcome! We did enjoy the June gloom conditions. I don’t like being hot out in the sun.

  5. hmm, we only got the shark taco from reno’s fish and chips but now i think we’ll have to try one of their regular fried fish next year! another goal of mine is to ride the ferris wheel or that sky-line thing so i can capture some awesome photos from above. still haven’t gotten there yet…

    1. I’m gonna try the fried catfish next year! You can get some great photos if you go at sunset!

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