Afters Ice Cream – Pacific Beach

I use to surf at Pacific Beach.  Afterwards I’d stop by Mr. Frostie’s for a marshmallow shake.  There are a lot more ice cream choices in this area now.  I was excited to see Afters Ice Cream open.  I visited the Irvine location a few times but the drive and parking kept me from going often.  This location 2 blocks from the beach may keep me away due to the summer beach crowd.  For now there is ample parking and no line as I lucked out visiting during their soft opening.

Peachy mango attracted me with the bright yellow and orange glow.  Flavor was just as bold and sweet with the mixture of peach and mango flavors.  This is one of my fav sorbets.
I also sampled the Madagascar vanilla which had a delicious vanilla bean flavor and the Almond Cookie which had almond cookie pieces mixed in.  These flavors tied for my 2nd fav flavor here.
I’m looking forward to when Afters is fully open and I can take home some pints of the delicious ice cream they serve.
2 blocks from Pacific Beach!

Afters Ice Cream
855 Garnet Ave
San Diego, CA 92109


6 Replies to “Afters Ice Cream – Pacific Beach”

  1. Nice location, too bad they don’t have their own parking lot.

    1. If it’s really bad you can drop me off and drive around the block.

      1. I love the summery feel of this. The ice cream picture looks delicious.

        1. Thanks! I miss the old days when you could easily find parking anytime. Now it’s a tourist town in summer.

  2. I’ve never tried them but it’s on the list! Looks promising.

    1. They have some great flavors. I am looking forward to when they start selling pints.

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