The Grill at Torrey Pines

Lush green grass drops off into the blue sea.  Iconic torrey pines dot the landscape.  In front of me is the golf course Tiger Woods use to play at yearly.

North Course Torrey Pines

Ocean is on the other side of the golf course.  The Grill is next to the Lodge at Torrey Pines.

The bar



There is indoor and outdoor seating.

Outside there is a glass partition to keep the chill ocean air from blowing onto the food.  I order the Drugstore Burger.

At $17 it’s not your standard fast food burger.  Cooked medium there was some pink in the middle but it wasn’t dripping juices everywhere like a Hodad’s burger.  I liked the flavor of the beef which had a nice char and seasoned with just a touch of salt.  Loved the generous amount of bacon so every bite had bacon.  Bacon was thick cut thus hard and had a nice savory flavor.  For burgers in this area I’d rate this one higher than Red Robin and a bit higher than Eureka!

Onion rings were very crunchy and full of onion flavor.  Very much like Burger King/Jack In the Box onion rings.
Place is packed at lunch with golfers and hotel guests.  I enjoyed the rolling green grass and the scent of the sea air while dining here.  Very classy establishment.  This is one of the coolest places to enjoy a burger.
The Grill
Wood burning grill

Faye from took me here for lunch and surprised me with a vanilla bundt cake from Nothing Bunt Cakes.   🙂  It was moist, fluffy, and full of vanilla flavor.  🙂  Thanks for lunch and the cake Faye!

The Grill At Torrey Pines
11480 North Torrey Pines Rd
La Jolla, CA 92037
(858) 777-6641

6 Replies to “The Grill at Torrey Pines”

  1. Great pictures of the outside scenery! Lovely little bundt cake! So cute. ?

    1. Thanks! It’s really nice at the Grill!

  2. Those are beautiful pics Soo. The burger looks delicious. I believe the burger was about $20 with the bacon. I chuckled when you compared the onion rings to BK/JIB as I thought the rings there weren’t great (it’s been years since I’ve had them though). Your pics are making me want to visit Hodads soon. Happy bday !

    1. Thanks Faye! Was there an extra charge for the bacon? The style of the rings was like those fast food rings. The execution was better here as they use fresh oil. I wanna go to Hodads too! It’s my fav spot to get a vanilla shake. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday! We are in that area often and always looking for different lunch places.

    1. Thanks Cathy! The view is really nice.

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