I learned the science of measurement in chemistry class.  In art class I learned art is subjective.  Hipcooks seems to be a mixture of science and art.  After being greeted we gathered around the big table in the middle of the room.

Ingredients were waiting for us in bowls.  The cooking experience here is different from that at home were I have to do everything myself and follow a written recipe.  Here you choose your level of participation.  If you want a hands on role stand next to the portable stove and you can add ingredients and start cooking.  Instructor usually asks that you put in half a bowl of chives, half a bowl of garlic, or a chili.  Makes the class go faster when you don’t have to go to the cupboards and measure out all your ingredients.  After the class recipes were emailed so you get the right amount of ingredients when you do this yourself at home.



Removing moisture from mahi mahi.


Applying wet jerk marinade to mahi mahi.


Pan frying mahi mahi.


Churning vanilla ice cream.


Ice cream about to go in freezer.


Flambe the bananas


Flambe the bananas


Fried bananas with rum raisin ice cream
Our instructor was very knowledgable and a good teacher.  I learned some good techniques in the Jamaican Me Crazy class.  I didn’t know you should dry your meat before pan frying it.  You get a better char when the meat is dry.  Also I use to use a peeler to peel ginger but you waste less of the ginger scraping off the peel with a spoon.
Puncturing peppers before cooking them lets out more of the flavor.  Cooking in this class was fun and easy.  Even more fun was eating the stuff we cooked in class.
 CourseHorse invited me to use their discovery and booking tool for local classes to take a cooking class in San Diego.  That resulted in me taking Hipcooks Jamaican cooking class.  They are currently in beta mode for San Diego so more classes are coming.  Sign up your email address and you will be notified.
4048 30th St
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 269-8844

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  1. Superb photographs! Especially love the banana flambe’! The cooking instructor was very informative, learned a few new things myself. ❤️? Great class! Looking forward to more!

    1. Thanks! The fire photos were tricky as I wasn’t sure they would be in focus.

  2. ooh cooking tips! I usually cut off the peel of ginger which is probably wasteful. pepper tip is cool too but I usually have mine already sliced. looks like a great experience!

    1. It was fun cooking and eating. 🙂

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