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  • Bottega Italiana

    Have you ever fallen in love?  Remember that happy feeling that takes control of you upon seeing her smile that makes you smile back?  The lack of sleep because you can’t wait for the next time you get to see her lovely face?  That indescribable joy when your lips touch hers?  I remember the coldness […]

  • Dessert
  • Yogurt on the Rocks

        Yogurt, what’s not to like? It’s cold, creamy, sweet goodness in a cup. Add some nuts, then you’ve achieved crunchiness perfection. Part of the fun in making your own cup is tasting the new flavors. Each yogurt place has their own unique blend. At Yogurt on the Rocks I noticed their blend is […]

  • Breakfast
  • Darshan Bakery & Cafe

    The recipe is elementary.  Add sun, clouds, sky, and you have a lovely sunset.  Colors blend into one another. Clouds diffuse light from the sun.  No sunset is ever the same.  I never tire of these wonderful moments as the sun disappears from the sky.  

  • Breakfast
  • Bruegger’s Bagels

      Think I first fell in love with bagels and cream cheese back in high school. They had a pre-wrapped onion bagel smothered with cream cheese at the cafeteria. Always looked forward to my opportunity of snagging one in between classes. When Philadelphia cream cheese came out with the pineapple version for the first time […]

  • Birds
  • San Diego Wild Animal Park

    In the beginning back in 1972 there were not many attractions and everybody knew this place as The Wild Animal Park.  I loved it as you could view the animals without peering through bars or cages. Hi tech monorail took you to dry dusty plains of Africa.  The rest of the park involved walking up and […]

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  • Taco Villa

    Place was the General Store in the old days.  After that there was a Cafe.  Now it’s a huge taco shop with lots of outdoor seating.  I visited on taco Tuesday when the tacos are $2.  Watch it as I knew something was wrong when I was billed over $20.  I have decent math skills […]