Natural History Museum Balboa Park

Top level photographic art portraying all types of endangered, threatened or almost extinct animals. Some of the best I’ve seen from National Geographic photographer turned world animal ambassador Joel Sartore.






















I’ve always loved animals and I admire the work of this artist for bringing to light all species great and small. I agree they are an integral part of our world and we would be at a great loss without them here on our planet. This exhibit can be found on the top floor of The NAT. There is a short video that is worth sitting down to watch, it showcases the process the photographer goes through in taking these photographs. They are stunning to see in person!

If you’d like to help, go to this website and buy a print.


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  1. Great photos of some great photos! The unspoken question is whether almost extinct species should be bred in zoos or left to die in the wild. In a large part of the world habitat is being destroyed so species won’t be able to live in what’s life of the wild.

    1. Thanks honey! The perfect solution would be for humans to restore/replace the habitat of all endangered species so they can live in the wild as nature intended for them. Unfortunately that cannot always be done due to detrimental circumstances surrounding our world.

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