Livingstons Chicken and Mexican Grill



Excellent space usage of such a cute, but impossibly small kitchen and seating area. The service is always fast and friendly. I’ve eaten here a few times now and the chicken rolled tacos are tender and flavorful. Just don’t care for the fried zucchini, only because it’s sliced really thin and the batter is a bit thicker than I’d like. Guess I just prefer the thick cut zucchini with a thin layer of batter. The people watching is at a premium since this location is close to the beach. Lot’s of dogs, bicycle’s and of course people too. Looking forward to trying the pastor specialty menu, (pork marinade with chipotle, pineapple, and orange juices) and the chicken burritos. Definitely will be back!







5026 Newport Ave, San Diego, CA 92107

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  1. You should try the fried chicken. It’s good!

    1. Then I shall, on my next visit. ??

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