Wings & Fish

Last time I visited the sign said Salaam Fish House. Now it’s Wings & Fish. Menu options are about the same. Looks like they got a new sign and repainted the inside.

I went with my standard order of fried snapper and whiting with African fries. I liked the flavors from the seasoning and fried potato. Seasoning was a bit like the magic dust at Red Robin. Red snapper pieces were smaller than I remembered. Light red snapper flavor. Batter could use a bit more seasoning. Whiting pieces were bigger than the red snapper but they use to be bigger. I really liked the flavor of the whiting with the seasoning. The 5 piece dinner for $10 made for a good lunch but I still had room for dessert.

2 pieces red snapper on the left. 3 pieces whiting on the right.


Maggie and Mari


Girl at the counter was nice. I’ll be back as this is the only place I know of that has good fried whiting.

Wings & Fish
6201 Imperial Ave
San Diego, CA 92114


3 Replies to “Wings & Fish”

  1. You’ll have to go back for more whiting. :>)

  2. The whiting didn’t look at crispy as the red snapper. I just noticed the 24 piece chicken wings special. Wonder how those are!

  3. I like the flavor of the whiting better. I didn’t try the wings but my kid thought they were average. They looked like wingstop wings covered in bbq sauce.

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