Nine Ten Restaurant and Bar La Jolla SD Restaurant Week Preview

The ambiance is exquisite. Low lighting, interesting, colorful artwork, comfortable seating (includes a pillow) combined with crisp white table linens, deep color wood throughout makes a welcome sight for the eyes. The entire staff is well rehearsed in seamless transition from door to table and beyond. One is transformed from mere existence to full happiness and contentment.

You must come here and experience for yourself. Then of course you’ll have to keep coming back!


Upon arrival (arrived a bit early) we were asked to wait in the bar area or the lobby. We picked the lobby since it was so beautifully decorated, visually appealing and I had to sit in one of the pretty chairs. The chair was satisfying for comfort and our drink order was taken. Ended up choosing the Victoria Secret cocktail since it sounded interesting with Giffard Blackberry Liqueur, Hibiscus Tequila, Lime. Uniquely brilliant combination of flavors, very pleasing to the palate.

Our waiter was very personable, informative and intuitive to our needs. Also, we were fortunate enough to meet Summer Haines the Director of Food and Beverage. Such a lovely person all around! Thank you Summer for such a warm welcome.

Fresh baked rye bread, the best I’ve had!

My appetizer was the Stone Crab & Old Bay Spaghettini, including fresno chilis, garlic, lemon, garlic chili oil, herbs, breadcrumbs. The infused pasta seasoning, tender crab, breadcrumb crunch intertwining spices in an excellent perfect dance. Needless to say I finished my whole bowl!

The Jerk Chicken was tender, crisp skin with a decadent sweet habañero relish sauce. The Chino Farms carrots, maitake mushrooms and bloomsdale spinach all burst with superb freshness. The plantain & yuzu puree had a delicate, subtle flavor and combined well with the chicken.

Dessert was difficult to pick as all choices sounded marvelous. The Hazelnut Chocolate & Bailey’s Ice Cream Bar turned out to be an outstanding choice. First layer kinda like a cross between a sugar cookie and vanilla cake, second layer, hazelnut with caramel, top layer very rich whipped chocolate with Baileys, topped with thinly sliced chocolate, small coffee pieces and a small scoop of coffee ice cream on the side. Relieved the serving was a nice size and not huge like some other places.

If you have a chance check out the impressive short biography’s of Executive Chef Jason Knibb, Pastry Chef Jose Alonzo III and Sous Chef, Rocio Siso Gurriaran at:

Above portion written by Maggie


Beautiful orange and blue pastels mixed in the sky.  As I watched the blue became darker. Last embers of the sun disappeared into the sea.  Great ocean view from the patio but the fresh sea air was getting chilly.  I sat down in a nice comfy armchair in the lounge and thought back on the first La Jolla sunset.   I started coming to La Jolla Cove to watch the sunset back in high school.  Each one has been lovely and unique.
Back to the present I gaze upon lovely artworks on the walls.  It’s Restaurant Week when try I someplace fancy.  This year it’s Nine-Ten.
Nice hostess seated us at a table along the wall with a soft cushioned booth like seat.
I like how they let you choose your appetizer, entree, and dessert from the full menu for your $50.
Rye bread was soft and fluffy.  Flavor was nice and mild with a hint of sweetness.
Jamaican pork belly
Closeup Jamaican pork belly

Jamaican Jerk Pork Belly was coated in a glaze which formed a delicious crispy crust.  I requested this dish not spicy and it came out spiced perfectly.  Flavor was a bit like Niman Ranch bacon I had at Shack Shack in New York.

Beef short rib was melt in your mouth tender with a rich beef flavor.  Sweet glaze combined with the pumpkin seed & sage topping gave this dish additional delicious flavors.  Crunchy pumpkin seeds contrasted with the tender beef.  I loved the pears included with this dish.  Flavor was sweet a bit like canned pears but with more pear flavor and non of that corn syrup coating.  Crispy Brussels sprouts leaves were quite crispy and have a delicious savory flavor a bit like the pork belly.
Orange sorbet was tart as a lemon.  Raspberries and blackberries gave this dessert some needed sweetness.
Jerk chicken breast was tender and juicy.  Seasoning gave the chicken a slightly spicy kick which I enjoyed.
I like the attention to detail on each dish.  Each had a mix of flavors which blended well together.  What may simply be garnish at other places I really enjoyed here like the Crispy Brussels sprouts leaves and the roasted pears.  Plating was lovely with the sauces arranged on the plate like paint on an easel.  Service was friendly and prompt without hovering.  Meal here was excellent except I prefer the sweet flavors of gelato down the street at Bobboi Natural Gelato.

We were guests of McFarlane Promotions and Nine-Ten to preview SD Restaurant Week.

910 Prospect St
La Jolla, CA 92037
(858) 964-5400

Above portion written by Soo

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  1. Thank you so very much for writing such a lovely review. We are delighted to hear how much you enjoyed your visit and dinner. We hope you will have the opportunity to dine with us again in the future!

    1. You are welcome Leslie! I’m sure we will be back. Do you have a birthday club?

    2. So happy to hear you liked it! Looking forward to our next visit!

  2. Check out those shoes!

    1. It’s my favorite color!

  3. All of your dishes look wonderful! That hazelnut chocolate dessert sounds like it’s right up my alley. And that pork belly! Goodness, it looks delectable! You guys were treated to a wonderful meal, that’s for sure.

    1. Thanks Mary! It was hard to pick which dessert to get, the chocolate cake was tempting.?

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