The Ida and Cecil Green Faculty Club

There are certain days I look forward to every year.  Xmas.  Birthday.  Thanksgiving.  Holiday party at the Faculty Club.  I love turkey but generally the period between Thanksgiving and Xmas is the only time I get to eat really good turkey.

The Faculty Club is decorated nicely for the holidays.  There is a courtyard for mingling, snacks, and booze.  There is a meeting room where we hold our yearly white elephant gift exchange. 

Carrots and zucchini.
My 1st plate.

It’s the turkey I’m here for.  They serve it buffet style so I can eat as much as I want.  Chef put the dark meat in the center and the white meat on the edges of the warming bin.  I build a good size plate of turkey with gravy.  You don’t want a huge plate as it will get cold before you finish.  I take a moment to appreciate that unique aroma of roasted turkey with gravy.  Ah… nothing like it.  Crispy skin crunches in my mouth while tender, juicy pieces of dark meat and gravy mingle to form delicious flavors.  Best turkey and gravy I’ve eaten.  After a break I go back for seconds.  I eat it slow and savor the delicious flavors from that wondrous turkey and gravy.  I eat all I can.  One more year till I can return for more turkey.

Coconut cream pie & gingerbread cookie.

Dessert selection is ok.  Coconut cream pie had a nice crunchy and flaky crust.  Mild flavor accented the coconut and cream flavors.  Cookie had strong ginger flavor and a little sweetness.

Sun God in the background.

The Ida and Cecil Green Faculty Club
9500 Gilman Dr
La Jolla, CA 92093
(858) 534-0876

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  1. The turkey pictures looks wonderful! Love the Sun God sculpture.

  2. Thanks! I’ll have to go and take better photos of the Sun God when I get a chance.

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