Jus Fishy – New York


Scent I cannot resist was in the air.  Reminds me of the ocean.  I drew closer and breathed deep.  My eyes marveled at her golden skin.  Flecks of gold glinted in the harsh fluorescent light.  My tongue caressed her bare skin and I was lost.  Exotic flavors filled overwhelmed my taste buds.  Whiting, corn meal, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper…  Tender and juicy.  Among the best fried whiting I’ve had.


Big fat french fries were a bit over fried as some of the pieces were too crunchy.  Flavor was pretty good.


I visited in the evening and they were out of salmon.  Seating inside was very limited and the locals were getting their orders to go.  I’d visit again if I was in the area and wanted some southern style fried fish.


Jus Fishy
555 Flatbush Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11225
(718) 826-0616

5 Replies to “Jus Fishy – New York”

  1. Nice picture of the fish! Maybe next visit they won’t be out of anything…

    1. Quick win a contest so we can go visit again!

      1. I’ll try my best!

  2. What is the green herb that’s on top of the fried fish? Fried fish on a cold day is always so awesome (was craving it the other day here in SD). Too bad they didn’t have the salmon you wanted. Have you ever tried raw salmon (ie nigiri or sashimi)?

    1. I’m not sure what that herb was. I ate it and couldn’t place the flavor. I like all my meat cooked to at least medium.

      Have you seen fried whiting anywhere in San Diego?

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