Langan’s Pub – New York

langans-1360An Irish pub in Portland had my favorite mushroom sauce and steak.  It was a mixture of wild mushrooms and enhanced the flavor of a ribeye steak that was already delicious from the char, salt & pepper.  An Irish pub in Palm Springs had my favorite chicken pot pie.  Crust was crunchy and the flavor of the chicken and gravy put Marie Calendar’s to shame.  

langans-1366I had high hopes when I spotted an Irish pub right next to the hotel I was staying at.  I thought it was a good sign the bar area was packed.  Service was good as the waitress was nice and our food came out quick.

langans-1367Chicken pot pie had shredded chicken, carrots, and potatoes which were very tasty.  Not a fan of the flaky pastry top though.  It was gooey after the gravy got on it.  I prefer a crunchy crust like at Marie Calendars.


langans-1374While the pie wasn’t bad it was expensive at $18.   I’m going keep trying Irish Pubs for that one chicken pot pie I can’t get enough of.

Langan’s Pub & Restaurant
150 W 47th St
New York, NY 10036
(212) 869-5482

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  1. Maggie Addleman says: Reply

    I’m sure you’ll find that special Irish chicken pot pie your looking for! Great photo of the pie and front sign!

    1. Soo says: Reply

      Thanks! Maybe Santa Maria will have good chicken pot pie…

  2. $18 wow. Is that related to being in NYC where the cost of living is higher? The last shepherd’s pie I had was about $12 and it was tiny.

    1. Soo says: Reply

      It’s 2 blocks from Times Square so the rent must be high… That pie was about the same size as the large chicken pie at Marie Calenders which I think was around $13.

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