China Max

china-max-1188_1This is the place my family likes to go to celebrate special occasions.  China Max is one of the nicest Chinese restaurants in town.  

china-max-1129White tablecloths and chopsticks set immaculately.  When the event is big enough you can takeover a room on the 2nd floor as we did. 

china-max-1181There is a nice view of Convoy St.  This time we were here to celebrate Claire’s 4 month birthday.  Claire’s party started at 5:30pm before the parking lot filled up.

china-max-1162Egg drop soup with spinach and beef.  Nice aroma and flavor from the veggies, egg, and beef.

Server cuts off the skin for duck in a bun while the rest will go in a lettuce wrap.
Server cuts off the skin for duck in a bun while the rest will go in a lettuce wrap.

china-max-1163Duck in a bun.  I love char sui bao and this is a similar pastry.  I love the rich flavor of 5 spice powder from the roast duck.  Skin was nice and crunchy.

china-max-1166Honey walnut shrimp was sticky and sweet.  Big plump shrimp were very juicy as well.

china-max-1168Stir fried white fish had a nice mild flavor which absorbed the flavor from the veggies and seasonings.  Liked the flavor quite a bit!

china-max-1170Cashew chicken had a nice flavor the cashews imparted to the chicken.

china-max-1171Chicken pan fried noodles were covered in a delicious sauce.  Chicken was very tender and I liked the flavor of the egg noodles, shrimp, and bok choy.

china-max-1173Filet mignon was very tender, juicy, and full of flavor from the pepper and marinade.

china-max-1174Pork and beef fried rice had tender pork, beef and lettuce which I rarely see in fried rice.  Ingredients had a nice mild flavor.  

china-max-1176Duck lettuce wrap had delicious savory duck balanced by the mild lettuce flavor.

4 month old Claire with the family.
4 month old Claire with the family.

China Max provided a nice elegant setting for our event and while all the dishes were good I particularly enjoyed the chicken pan fried noodles, filet mignon, and roast duck.  I look forward to the next event that needs celebrating.

China Max
4698 Convoy St
Ste C101
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 650-3333

Released 9.8.2016. Arrived 9.9.2016.

All the photos in this post were shot on my new Fuji X-T2.  I wanted a new camera with better low light capability, higher resolution, and better auto focusing.  Having used it over the weekend I’ve found it to be the best camera I’ve every owned.  It has many of the same qualities I loved on my Fuji XE-2.  24.3 MP sensor allows me to do more cropping before noise becomes a factor.  Shooting at night the photos are much clearer and crisper.  Looking forward to a week of shooting in New York with it.  🙂

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  1. That looked like an amazing dinner. Was that a set menu or were the items ordered a la carte? Our last dinner here wasn’t that great. Your duck appears to be much fresher than what we had. I liked the photo of the honey walnut shrimp. I kinda like the photo of your new camera too! What camera was used to take that photo?

    1. My brother negotiated the menu so we just sat back and the food rolled in. 🙂 The duck was great Saturday. I used the Fuji XE-2 to take a photo of the Fuji XT-2. The old camera worked great till it got too dark.

  2. Maggie Addleman says: Reply

    All your photo’s came out so clear and crisp, makes me want to reach in and sample each food picture! Your new Fuji XT-3 really makes a huge impression, blowing away all those other camera’s.

    1. Thanks! You should eat the leftovers in the fridge! It’s an XT-2. It will likely be a few years before an XT-3 comes out.

  3. The honey walnut shrimp dish looks so yummy! I’ll have to add this restaurant to our list of new places to try.

    1. The dim sum is awesome too!

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