Yelp Elite Month: Flour & Barley – Brick Oven Pizza

flour.barley.1912There is a sense of age in this place as well as that of modernity. 

flour.barley.1920Rusted metal and concrete is exposed in the walls.  Place use to be Police Headquarters.  flour.barley.1923Perhaps these walls are the ones prisoners of the past stared at as they were booked into jail.

flour.barley.1904Gleaming metal and glass from the bar catches my eye.  So many bottles of alcohol… 


Further to the right I notice blond bombshell perched on a bomb mural. 

flour.barley.1909A bit more to the right is the brick oven.  Inside is fire and a pizza. 

flour.barley.1902Decor is lovely.

flour.barley.1928My meal starts with the fried chicken wings.  I like them naked.  There are no distractions from the crispy skin and juicy chicken.  Wings remind of the fried chicken wings from various pubs in PB.  Flavor is that of chicken fried to perfection.

flour.barley.1936Next I try the grilled salmon.  Fresh North Atlantic Salmon.  There is a little bit of crust with a little crunch to contrast the juicy and flaky inside.  Very tender and full of delicious salmon flavor.

flour.barley.1939Meal ends with gelato & sorbetto they make here.  A real nice touch was the frozen plate it was served on.  I hate soft and half melted ice cream and always use a frozen bowl at home.  Vanilla was cold and had rich creamy vanilla flavor.  Mango had a very strong mango flavor.  I close my eyes an imagine I’m eating a ripe mango that is frozen.  Pistachio taste just like pistachio and had bits of pistachio mixed in.  Wish they sold quarts as I wish I could have more than just 3 scoops…

flour.barley.1933My sifu use to say your weapon is an extension of your body.  Our waitress Kelly took care of us so well she was like an extension of self.  Manager Andrew checked to make sure we had a superb experience which we did.  Thanks!  Thanks also to Brad B. for this excellent Yelp Elite event!

Food was comped except for the 2nd dessert I ordered.
Food was comped except for the 2nd dessert I ordered.
Butterfly wings outside.
Butterfly wings outside.

Flour & Barley
789 W Harbor Dr
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 344-2900

6 Replies to “Yelp Elite Month: Flour & Barley – Brick Oven Pizza”

  1. Maggie Addleman says: Reply

    Pictures came out great! Especially the gelato, sorbetto dessert!

    1. Thanks! I just point the camera at stuff and it does the rest.

  2. I’m hoping to try them out soon. Was the salmon cooked in the brick oven as well? The wings look nice even naked.

    1. Get the sorbet and don’t share Faye! The salmon was cooked in the kitchen. I wouldn’t want salmon infused with pizza scents… I think you would love the wings with some spicy sauce.

  3. “Inside is fire and a pizza.” So obvious but it made me chuckle. I actually prefer my wings without sauces (or at least the sauce as optional dip). You’re a kind tipper.

    Maggie looks so tiny with those wings! 🙂

    1. It’s nice being able to taste the wings rather than the sauce.

      Those were cool wings!

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