Henry’s Hunan


My first visit to San Francisco with Mari we found the most delicious fried rice ever at Chef Jia’s.  The flavors from the wok, the seasonings, and the meats were divine.  After they closed we have tried the fried rice at many places but none have been as good.  Seeing as Chef Jia’s was a Hunan restaurant I had high hopes for Henry’s Hunan.


Inside place looks modern and new unlike most of the Chinese places I visit in Chinatown.  Service was good and efficient even though it was pretty busy at 8pm.


Combo fried rice with smoked ham, chicken, beef, and shrimp.  While the chicken & beef didn’t have too much flavor the smoked ham had a complex smoky and savory flavor.  Shrimp was good but there were not very many of them and they were tiny.  The rice and egg didn’t have too much flavor either.  Next time I’m getting the smoked ham fried rice.

henrys.hunan.1384.copyWhile the ham was excellent here I am going to keep searching for the one perfect fried rice dish like I had at Chef Jia’s.

Henry’s Hunan
1398 Grant Ave
San Francisco, CA 94133

p.s.  Testing out the Iphone 6S camera

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  1. Here’s a funny story Soo…..my FIL is from Hunan, so years ago, like 2000 or so we were in SF and I decided we should check out Henry’s Hunan. The look on my FIL’s face when the food started arriving. It was definitely NOT Hunan, but HunAm (Hunan-American) cuisine. You should check out Hunan Chilli King in San Gabriel. They make some pretty good Hunan.

    1. That would have been a great photo to post on your blog! Thanks for the tip Kirk!

  2. Maggie Addleman says: Reply

    I’m quite sure your continued quest for the perfect fried rice dish will be epic!

    1. Someone has to do it…

  3. Fried rice can make any day that much better 🙂 We recently re visited Gyu in Scripps – they have a beef bibimbap stone bowl rice that was honestly delicious. It tasted like buttery beef fried rice to us!

    1. Tell me more! How does it differ from Chinese style fried rice with beef?

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