Brenda’s French Soul Food San Francisco’ve visited San Francisco many times but I never tried the soul food. ended that run on my last visit.’s was pretty busy at dinner time but there was still a few tables left.  Like how the place is decorated.  Interesting mix of modern and bayou style. tried the gumbo.  There was a rich flavor of the bayou.  Many complex and delicious flavors especially from the sausage. chicken was crunchy and had a strong flavor.  A bit stronger and there could be heat.  Meat was tender and a bit juicy.  Taste between Popeye’s mild and spicy thus I’d call it almost spicy. pork ribs were fall off the bone tender and there was some of the same flavor I tasted from the fried chicken. was a fried catfish special that was tempting me but I was too full.  Service was friendly and speedy.  I liked the flavor profile of the foods I tried.  Next time I need soul food in SF I’m hitting Brenda’s.
Outside of Brenda’s.

 Brenda’s French Soul Food
652 Polk St
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 345-8100

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  1. Faye says: Reply

    The fried chicken looks delicious. Did you consume all three items by yourself?!

    1. Soo says: Reply

      My kid helped! She ate most of the gumbo and I had most of the chicken. 🙂

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