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When I first moved in back in 2001 my townhouse was hot and noisy.  Living next to a busy street I was woken up by car noise in the morning and my binge movie watching was occasionally interrupted by sirens.  When I got home from work I was greeted by an inferno as my glass patio door was west facing.  After doing research I decided to replace the crappy single pane glass doors and windows with new energy efficient dual pane low E glass.  I got quotes from a few companies and settled on Advanced Window Contractors as the owner Carl gave me a real good price and he was a nice smart guy I thought I could work with.  Carl gave me some options and I settled on getting Milgard doors and windows as there was a lifetime warranty and they had laminated glass that was suppose to reduce noise above what regular dual pane windows would.

Dual pane door with low-E glass.
Dual pane door with low-E glass.

The install went well and Carl has taken care of some issues and a replaced a broken glass pane over the years. I have them take care of all my window needs now.
Getting a good warranty is important as after 12 years the rollers that glide on the track failed and the patio door wouldn’t move easily. Milgard came out and fixed it in less than an hour.

Back to the living room inferno. The low E glass has made it much cooler but it still gets hot. I put up a big patio umbrella to shade the patio door and that made it a bit cooler. Then I put up a 2nd patio umbrella so that 80% of the sun is now blocked. It’s not hot now. I notice they have a new improved low E glass formulation called low E3. I’d get that if I moved into a new place with single pane glass.

Advanced Window Inc.
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  1. Maggie Addleman says: Reply

    Lovely picture! The low E glass is awesome!

    1. Thanks! I like being cool.

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