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  • Advanced Window Inc.

    When I first moved in back in 2001 my townhouse was hot and noisy.  Living next to a busy street I was woken up by car noise in the morning and my binge movie watching was occasionally interrupted by sirens.  When I got home from work I was greeted by an inferno as my glass patio […]

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  • Oahu, Hawaii

    I’ll never forget the very first time I arrived in Hawaii, (1980 ‘something’) as soon as I departed the plane I spotted a whole row of brightly dressed happy people holding lei’s. So naturally I figured it was a special welcome for some other lucky person. Imagine my surprise when two of the lei holding […]

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  • Worldmark San Francisco

    Each summer I visit San Francisco and I keep looking for those crazy kids.  About 10 years ago I noticed a bunch of kids gathered across the street.  They would take turns rolling down the sidewalk while another would video the rolling one with their phone.  Looked like they were getting pretty dirty as lots […]