Road trip San Diego to San Francisco Day 2

Highway 101.  I remember the first time I went down this road.  My brother was driving us to San Francisco to visit relatives.  It was relaxing seeing cows grazing and farmers working their crops.  So beautiful in contrast to the dirty downtown San Diego I was use to.  So many wonders to behold just outside the car window.

Now I see many of the same things I did so long ago but I notice the roads are more congested though they have done some widening and working on more.

There are a lot of oil wells now amidst the beautiful rolling hills.

Fresh cut broccoli.
Fresh cut broccoli.

Trucks full of produce fill the highway.

Monterey is one of my fav cities along the California coast.


Monterey is where I discovered the Crown & Anchor.


Place is like an old British maritime museum.  So many model ships from height of the British empire back in the 1700’s.  So much to see inside from those glory days.





For awhile now I’ve have been wanting to try sand dabs.  Since many bay area restaurants serve it and I noticed it on the menu here I ordered it.

Pan fried and seasoned well I downed a few glasses of water with my meal.  Texture was like fresh water bass and there was a light sand dab flavor hiding under the seasoning.  Very tasty dish.  I’m going to want to see how other chef’s cook up sand dabs in the future.

Onion rings had a crunchy tempura batter.  Very lightly seasoned you can taste mostly onion.  I like it better than most fast food rings but the rings would be awesome if they had used a southern style batter.


I enjoyed being transported back to the 1700’s to enjoy some really good seafood here.
Monterey Museum of Art

Likely the best museum in town.  The focus is on local artists and art depicting Monterey.  I visited during the annual Weston scholarship exhibition.  There was some very impressive photography with Edward Weston influences.  There were some Weston photos from the permanent collection on display to compare and contrast.  Well worth the visit as Monterey has had some very impressive artists in it’s history.
Art on display outside the museum.

After leaving Monterey I saw a big sign that said cherries and made a stop at Thistle Hut.


While they did have cherries they were not local so I passed as they looked similar to supermarket cherries.

thistle.hut.8659What did tempt me where Watsonville strawberries.

thistle.hut.8660I picked up a 3 pack and was glad I did.  They were fresh and had a rich sweet strawberry flavor.

Inside Thistle Hut.
Inside Thistle Hut.

After more driving we stopped in Santa Cruz as I read there was a cool lighthouse there.


Was getting late in the day and chilly when we got there.

Was getting close to dinner time when we arrived.


I admired the lovely Lighthouse for a timeless time then it was back on the road.

Arriving in San Francisco we were in need of a treat.  We stopped by Mitchell’s after a long day on the road.

There were so many delicious choices.

I went with my go to flavors.  Vanilla had a deep rich cream base and bright vanilla flavor.  Mango had a fruity mango flavor and was like eating a creamy frozen mango.  I wished I lived in San Francisco as it’s only $16/half gallon.  Stuff is so good!

Crown & Anchor
150 W Franklin St
Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 649-6496

Monterey Museum of Art
559 Pacific St
Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 372-5477

Thistle Hut
2047 Watsonville Road
Castroville, CA 95012
(831) 633-4888

 Mitchell’s Ice Cream
688 San Jose Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 648-2300

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  1. I admire how you make the most of your road trips. I’ve driven to SF a few times but never make stops. I just want to get there as fast as possible 🙁

    I’ve never had sand dabs. I’ll need to research what in the world that is b/c it’s reminding me of sand dollars for some reason.

    The strawberries look beautiful and delicious. How do you always manage to find the best berries in town.

  2. You are efficient! I like stopping for food and get fresh cherries right off the tree. 🙂

    Sand Dabs taste a bit like bass. 🙂

    I love fresh picked strawberries from fruit stands. I make it a point to stop when I see a fruit stand on the side of the road. Supermarket fruit tends to be picked before they are ripe and ripen in the store which results in bland fruit. 🙁

  3. Maggie Addleman says: Reply

    Such an epic road trip we had!! Just love all the photo’s, especially the broccoli truck, ice cream, light house and strawberries. Can’t wait to read Day 3!

    1. Every day was awesome! 🙂

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