The Harp

Harp is high above
Melodies drift about me
Summer approaches.

harp.3907When I was a kid I walked down these streets excited to see the famed Black where they sold the Anarchists Cookbook and other hard to find items.  The Harp is pretty easy to spot as there is a big harp where normally you expect a neon sign. 

harp.3901Place was emptying out as lunch was ending.  Kitchen was really slow.  Wish it was summer so I could appreciate the view outside while I was waiting for my food.

Nothing to see here.
Nothing to see here.


I ordered the Harp burger.  Was salty a bit like Slater’s 50/50 burger.  I prefer my bacon crispy and on top of the patty like at Hodad’s.  Beef, lamb, and bacon combined in a pattie isn’t a flavor combination I appreciate.

harp.3916Onion rings were very crunchy and had a nice tasty beer batter.  Sadly some of the batter clumped up and there were dough balls on some of the rings.



I’d come back again to try other menu items if I had lots of reading material and time…   


The Harp
4935 Newport Ave
San Diego, CA 92107

2 Replies to “The Harp”

  1. I think I saw this place when we visited OB some time ago. Isn’t Hodads just a few blocks away too? The place looks dark and sad 🙁 It was empty when we peeked in all that time ago. I’m wouldn’t like that patty mix either but that’s just me. Raw dough ball onion rings sounds depressing. Maybe they have a nice happy hour that’s worth trying 🙂 They seem to have a decent selection of draft beer (from what I can see in pic).

  2. Happy hour is 4-7pm if you want to try it. Hurry before the summer crowd hits. I’m too meek to try to find parking with the summer hordes from Arizona.

    Hodad’s is a few blocks away! 🙂 I love going on cold rainy days when the line is short.

    If you take a look at the photo of the onion rings you see the fat parts where the raw dough is. If you cut those parts out the onion rings actually taste very good.

    My friend did enjoy the beer but it’s unlikely he will want to go for lunch again as it took 2 hours including driving time. 🙂 There are some things on the menu that might tempt me back…

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