San Diego Chicken Pie Shop

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chicken.pie.7546 Phel Steinmetz introduced me to the Chicken Pie Shop back when this place was located on the corner of 5th Av. in Hillcrest.  We were on a field trip to apply the photo techniques we learned in the classroom.  This was our last stop on our day long adventure.  Chicken pie was the best I’d ever had.

Mari shows off the fish she caught with Phel Steinmetz.
Mari shows off the fish she caught with Phel Steinmetz to her right.

In the years since Phel took me and my kid fishing at his favorite lakes as well as other field trips to learn photography.  


chicken.pie.7544The Chicken Pie Shop has moved to El Cajon Blvd and added new menu items.  Phel passed away.  Prices have gone up.  The new location has remodeled.

chicken.pie.7572Apple Pie $8.25.  Flaky crust with a nice crunchy sugary top crust.  🙂  Apple filling had very good flavor.  I really like how this pie taste as often bakers will add too much sugar and the flavor of the apple is hidden.  This pie is very nicely balanced.  🙂  Best pie I’ve had in the under $10 class.

chicken.pie.7591Chicken and turkey pot pie.  Pie is not fancy as there is just chicken and turkey inside.  I do love the flavors from the gravy, crust, and chicken & turkey.  There must be some magic dust in the gravy as I’ve brought frozen pies and baked them at home but the flavor is not as good without the awesome chicken gravy.  $4.95 including roll. 

chicken.pie.7561I love the fresh piping hot roll. Flavor is as delicious as a plain looking roll can be.   🙂  

chicken.pie.7560Fried chicken dinner $12.99.  Nice crunchy batter.  Chicken was tender and juicy.  Flavor was like homemade.

chicken.pie.7574Peach pie $2.25 per slice.  Big slices of peach fill the pie.  Crust is flaky and crunchy.  Flavor like canned peaches.

chicken.pie.7594Strawberry pie $2.25 per slice.  Filled with whole strawberries and topped with whipped cream.  Bottom crust is nice and crunchy.  Strawberries tasted fresh and juicy.  All those flavors mixed in my mouth created a flavor explosion.  This is one of the best fruit pies I’ve ever had.

chicken.pie.7558Much has changed since my first visit but the chicken pie and roll taste as delicious as ever and the ice is still those cloudy little cylindrical pieces…

Buy a souvenir!
Buy a souvenir!
Dining area.
Dining area.
Cute chicken figures.
Cute chicken figures.


When you see this tower you are near the Chicken Pie Shop.
When you see this tower you are near the Chicken Pie Shop.

San Diego Chicken Pie Shop
2633 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA 92104

6 Replies to “San Diego Chicken Pie Shop”

  1. Ahhh. I’ve wanted to visit this famous chicken pie shop for ages now. Is it a sit down service or cafeteria style eating (pay at cashier)? I’m not a fan of fruit pies for some reason (unless, maybe, if the fruit isn’t cooked). I love chewable ice. They make any drink so much better.

    1. It is sit down. There is a cashier in case you want it to go. The strawberry pie had raw strawberries! It was refrigerated so the strawberries were cold. You would love the ice. It wasn’t the hard might crack your teeth type of ice. You should hurry as I don’t know how long they will have strawberry pie.

  2. Maggie Addleman says: Reply

    Wow! Now I’m craving the chicken/turkey pot pie and another slice of banana cream pie or chocolate cream pie…So many pies! Awesome pictures!!

    1. Thanks! You should buy another pie!

  3. Always has been the place I take visitors (back when the pie dinner was $2.90 and included the beverage) and where I buy food for families in mourning- just so,they have something comforting to eat instead of sandwiches. I crave the Cole slaw from here.

    1. You are wise. I miss the old prices but the $2.90 dinner deal was before my time. 🙁 I usually stuff myself with 2 pies and 2 rolls but I forced myself to try other stuff for the review.

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