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  • Del Real Recipe Challenge

    Hello, Hungryones submitted a recipe to the Del Real Recipe Challenge contest.  http://www.delrealfoods.com/blogger-recipe-challenge/open-faced-chicken-quesadilla Please vote for us.  You can vote daily till June 9.  You will need to login through facebook to vote.   Thanks! Soo

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  • UCSD Farmer’s Market

    UCSD.  Place was like a small town back in the 80’s.  Main food choices were the Pub or one of the cafeterias.  Then in 1989 the Price Center was completed at fast food chains invaded.  UCSD Farmers Market started up in 2004.  Held every Tuesday from 10-2pm.  I went every Tuesday to write up this […]

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  • The Harp

    Harp is high above Melodies drift about me Summer approaches. When I was a kid I walked down these streets excited to see the famed Black where they sold the Anarchists Cookbook and other hard to find items.  The Harp is pretty easy to spot as there is a big harp where normally you expect […]

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  • Del Mar Taco Company

    Sun glistens on bay Scent of grilling meat billows Festive paradise. I’m not a regular at baby showers but my nephew mentioned there would be all you can eat street tacos.  I showed up early and took photos of everything.  The owner of the taco company was very friendly and informative.