Miguels Cocina / Old Town, San Diego

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Wall art

First time I’ve been to this Miguels, but I knew it would be wonderful! Really admired the lovely art pieces scattered throughout.

More wall art
More wall art

While we were waiting for our food, the waiter was very friendly and the Manager stopped by to see if we needed anything. So we asked her why there was such a long line at the restaurant across the street, thinking they had some sort of party or special deal going? Nope, she explained how this particular restaurant does this on purpose, making people wait in a line when they don’t have to since they have an additional seating area upstairs. Hmmm, she said it is their attempt at looking like they are busier than Miguel’s, thinking it will get them extra business. Very tricky these neighbors are I think.

Ordered a breakfast burrito along with an iced tea. The burrito was excellent, tortilla browned nicely, potatoes seasoned well, bell peppers cooked perfectly, sausage very flavorful.

miguels.old.town.5071   When it’s your birthday, Miguels offers a free desert after your meal.

photo 3 copyYummy vanilla ice cream with cinnamon churro.

Miguels is part of the Brigantine Family of restaurants since 1982, including The Steakhouse at Azul La Jolla, since 1999 and of course Brigantine Seafood Oyster Bar and Lounge since 1969.

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photo 3 copyWondering what is she whispering in her ear?

photo 1 copyDefinitely will be back again and again.


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  1. Miguel’s is great! Love their tacos. 🙂

    1. Maggie Addleman says: Reply

      In the Brigantine Proposal to replace Anthony’s on the downtown waterfront; Miguel’s is included. :>)

      1. While I love Miguel’s I think there are enough of them in town. Not enough Anthony’s though…

        1. Maggie Addleman says: Reply

          Yes I agree, will miss Anthony’s on the waterfront. Hopefully they will decide to open at least one more.

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