Hammond’s Gourmet Ice Cream – North Park

Gold glitters like sun
Coins trickle through tiny hands
It rains gold inside.

hammonds.3766Back when I was in the 1st grade there use to be a candy store on this block. 

hammonds.3768Maybe in this shop.  I looked forward to those days when my mom would buy me some chocolate coins.  It was fun playing with the coins till I could resist no more and removed the foil and ate the delicious chocolate inside. 

Delicious cherry!
Delicious Dark Cherry Vanilla Chocolate Chip

Now I look with excitement at the tubs of ice cream at Hammonds. 

Wish this could be all mine...
Wish this could be all mine…

As you enter the scent of fresh waffle cones is strong. 


hammonds.3780I watched as they were being made in the waffle maker.  Cones are crunchy and have delicious fresh waffle flavor. 

hammonds.3769You never know what delicious flavors you will find here. 

Root Beer ice cream
Root Beer ice cream

My fav right now is root beer.  It’s like a frozen root beer float.  There is that delicious mix of flavors from the basic ice cream and root beer. 

Lychee Dream
Lychee Dream

If I don’t find root beer ice cream the lychee cream is a close 2nd.  Flavor is much like a fresh lychee.  🙂  I usually order a flight to try out new flavors then get pints of my fav finds.  My only regret is I have to share the freezer so I can’t fill it with pints of ice cream from here… *sigh


Hammond’s Gourmet Ice Cream
3077 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 220-0231

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  1. What were you doing in North Park! We were just there for Lucha Libre. The dark cherry chocolate ice cream sounds so good. I’ve never tried the ice cream at this location so hopefully will visit soon. I love the smell of freshly made waffle cones.

    1. I love to go down there for bbq, fried chicken, and burgers. 🙂 They have good ice cream too. That dark cherry chocolate was great! One of these days I’m gonna try Lucha Libre North Park.

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