Carlos’ Floral Company

Adventures for young
Sunflowers shine like the sun
Memory lives on.
View from the street.
View from the street.

Scent of flowers is in the air.  Lovely roses are right at the entrance.  Perfect.  It’s like going to a rose show.

$23 a bunch
$10 a dozen

In the main building is a refrigerated room where most of the flowers are kept.

  There are roses, daisies, carnations and lots of other flowers.  My fav flower is here.
$3 for 5
$3 for 5.  Bloomed even bigger the next day.

Sunflowers.  Quality is excellent.  Prices are better than at farmers markets.

$6 for 10 sunflowers
$6 for 10 sunflowers
It was long ago.  Walking home from school.  I saw my first sunflower.  A bunch of them growing in some strangers yard.  Towering above me.  Reflecting the colors of the sun. My hand reaches out and brushes a petal.  The feel of the velvety smoothness lingers.
Bird collection
Secret area in the back.
Secret area in the back.
They do arrangements.
They do arrangements.


Maggie chooses some daisey's $8
Maggie chooses some daisey’s $8
Easter display

Happy Easter!

Carlos’ Floral Company
1544 S El Camino Real
Encinitas, CA 92024
(760) 942-6171


5 Replies to “Carlos’ Floral Company”

  1. Maggie Addleman says: Reply

    My favorite picture is the sunflowers with the blue sky as background!
    Everybody should have a walk in refrigerator filled with beautiful flowers!

    1. Thanks! Everyone should have a sunflower!

  2. I’ve never heard of this place! I used to visit a similar place in LA – we got up at like 5a and went downtown to check out their freshest of the fresh flowers. Is it $23 for a dozen roses here? That seems a bit pricey. I clicked on their website link and love how they have tulips!

    1. I’ll verify the price and let you know next time I visit. I was impressed by how each rose was perfect.

      That’s awesome you got the freshest flowers! Do you still go to the LA florist?

      1. I checked today. $10 for a dozen roses.

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