Anny’s Fine Burger

Dark is the cold night
Neon glow drives back the shadow
Reminder of day.


I love the bright colors pushing back the night.  There use to be more neon signs.  A few are saved like the Neon Majorette sign.

annies.2532Most disappear like the drive in movie theaters of old.  Anny’s Fine Burger has some lovely neon in the front.  I fear the only thing that impressed me here was the neon sign.  

annies.2519Waffle fries had a little bit of crunch and good potato flavor.

annies.2515Onion rings had a slight crunch and good onion flavor.

annies.2524Naked fried chicken wings had a very crunchy skin and had flavor of chicken seasoned with salt.

Burger cooking on flattop.
Burger cooking on flattop.


Bacon burger was cooked well done and a bit dry.  Beef had ok flavor but more seasoning would be preferable.  Could use more bacon.  With just 2 strips many bites didn’t have any bacon.  Bun had a little bit of a sweet flavor and was good.

annies.2525I prefer Anny’s to Burger King or McDonald’s but the chicken wings at Golden City a few doors down are much more tantalizing.  Next time I’m gonna come by to admire the beautiful neon on my way to Golden City.

Anny’s Fine Burger
5375 Kearny Villa Rd
Ste 101
San Diego, CA 92123

6 Replies to “Anny’s Fine Burger”

  1. Maggie Addleman says: Reply

    I miss the neon signs too. Always have admired the neon majorette sign.

    1. You should get a tripod and take photos quick while there are still good ones!

  2. The onions ring batter looks a bit soft. Did they offer any ranch with it? I’ve been craving fried chicken wings lately – it’s all about the crispy skin and seasoning for me. I don’t think I’ve ever had the wings at Golden City. It’s been ages since I’ve been to GC but I remember seeing Annie’s next door. I like their menu chalkboard !

    1. The onions rings had crunch right out of the kitchen. I think they gave me some ranch to go with the rings but I tossed it. Golden City has good wings. You should give them a try! Khan’s Cave and Streetcar Merchants have my fav wings.

  3. You misspelled Anny! I went within the last couple of months and I believe the burgers were super messy but not so flavorful… =/

    1. The horror… Thanks for the heads up! Yes Hodad’s is my go to spot. 🙂

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