Greystone Steakhouse 658 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

Cranberry sage prosecco and white wine.

Tiffany happily greeted us at the entrance and directed us upstairs, she is really great! It was hard not to notice all the holiday lights, bows, ornaments and the large wreath adorning the center. Very nicely done with an artistic eye tying the colors into the overall theme. Each table had a small glass vase complete with candle and red holy berries.

Awaiting us upstairs was a cornucopia of delicious treats, appetizers and bites displayed in beautiful vases and cascading trays. The red and white centerpiece on the main table was eye catching accompanied by red tulips nearby.

Cream cheese balls, bacon and chives. Grapes and cantaloupe.

Two tables set up at the back of the room served cocktails and wine. I was impressed by the knowledgeable sommelier who steered me effortlessly in the right direction of an awesome white wine choice! Also tried out the cranberry sage prosecco cocktail, the flavors pair well together.

Lamb ravioli with mushrooms.
Macaroni, cheese and pancetta.

By now the band started playing trendy Christmas tunes. From where we were sitting, we had a nice view of the downstairs area. Couldn’t help but notice the colorful, interesting artwork adjacent to our table and across the way.

White gulf shrimp.

First plate; grapes, cantaloupe, cream cheese balls rolled in bacon, chives,  speared with a pretzel. Very rich and decadent. Next up the lamb ravioli with mushrooms; ravioli al dente, sweet lamb, flavorful mushrooms, my favorite dish of the night. Macaroni, cheese with pancetta was a nice surprise. White Gulf Shrimp tasted wonderful with the red sauce. Luttuce, pear, blue cheese and walnuts perfect combination. Chicken breast, very tender, loved the spices. Definitely will come back again and again for any special occasion.


My favorite person in the whole world.

By Maggie

Winter chills night
Cold rain washes the streets clean
Steak warms the body.

The party has started.
The party has started.

Night was cold and rain was starting.  Bright lights and music beckon me to enter.  It’s warm inside.  Atmosphere is festive. 

Band is playing downstairs near the entrance.
Band is playing downstairs near the entrance.

Band played a mix of Christmas music and rock & roll.  Smartly dressed red carpet crowd here tonight.  People were quite friendly. 

Wild boar sausage.
Wild boar sausage.

Wild boar sausage has rich gamey flavor.  Texture is a bit rough.  Very tasty. 

Smoked Chicken & New York steak.
Smoked Chicken & New York steak.

Smoked chicken is tender, juicy, and has a nice smoky flavor.  New York strip steak dry-aged 21 days marinated in Himalayan salt and in chimicuri sauce tempts me with it’s savory aroma.  Was tender and juicy.  Mix of beef, salt, chimicuri sauce flavors was delicious. 

Beef short rib taco.
Beef short rib taco.

Beef short rib taco featured really tender beef with a light but delicious beefy flavor.  Flavor of the flour tortilla was too strong and distracted from the flavor of the short rib. 

Desert station
Desert station
Brownie, chocolate chip cookie, red velvet cupcake.
Brownie, chocolate chip cookie, red velvet cupcake.

Brownie had good chocolate flavor and was pretty dense.  Chocolate chip cookie had a very high chocolate chip to batter ratio.  Loved the flavor of the batter but would have preferred less chocolate chips.  Also they chocolate was gooey and was the messiest dish I ate.  Red velvet cupcakes had a delicious batter which was nicely complimented by the sweet frosting. 


Macaron had a bit of crunch to the shell and a bit of sweetness.  Very tasty.


Meats and the desserts were of excellent quality.  Band kept the party going well into the night.  Very friendly General Manager greeted and wished her guests a good night.  Great Red Carpet event!

We saw Lynn from Oh-So-Yummy too!

Greystone Steakhouse
658 5th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 232-0225

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  1. Another steakhouse!? Luuckkkyyyy. It looks great! We were supposed to make it out to Greystone a while back but plans fell through. Meat and dessert. What else do you need? Looks like you guys had a grand ol time. The last pic of you Soo I thought I noticed you growing a side stache, but alas it was not true.

  2. I gotta have meat or I won’t have the strength to blog Darren. You should visit as the meat and dessert were great! I do have some facial hair at the end of the week.

  3. ohh that’s the ravioli that I missed! also missed out on the alcohol because I was taking medicines that week. the place was beautifully decorated huh? actually does seem like a nice place to visit 🙂

    1. Hope you have recovered. I’m sure there will be more free booze in the New Year! 🙂

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