Golden Donut

Old men sit and read
Day becomes night, donuts sigh
7pm and all a goodnight.

golden.donut._1144Golden Donut is located in a sleepy old mall.  I usually just go to the Rite Aid to maintain my supply of Thifty’s ice cream.  Place is nice and quiet.  It is also the only donut shop in the area. 




Apple Fritter
Apple Fritter


Apple fritter was sweet and crunchy.  Not a lot of apple flavor though.  Needed more pieces of apple. 

Sugar raised.
Sugar raised.

Sugar raised donut was fluffy and had a light sugary flavor.  My fav donut here.  Chocolate covered cinnamon roll had a nice chocolate flavored glaze.  Could have used more cinnamon flavor.  I like the donuts better than supermarket donuts but the flavors aren’t as tasty as VG Donuts or Donut touch.

Golden Donut
4041 Governor Dr
San Diego, CA 92122
(858) 455-6844

4 Replies to “Golden Donut”

  1. Maggie Addleman says: Reply

    I noticed the lack of cinnamon as well.

    1. The donuts could be great if they just add more of what they are trying to be.

  2. Is the donut shop across the street from the elementary school? I appreciate how you stock up on Thrifty ice cream. Maybe you can make a donut ice cream sandwich using Thrifty ice cream and the sugar raised donuts from this shop.

    1. Yes. Have you tried it?

      Good idea! I’ll have to get some more donuts! Black Cherry ice cream should go well with the sugar raised donut. 🙂

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