Blue Point Coastal 565 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

Imagine time standing still

Your past present and future all coming to a screeching halt

The door opens

People in white dress shirts and blue ties greet you warmly

Guiding you to the perfect table

Lighting is low, ambiance just the perfect note

Sitting down you feel the stress of life leave your bones

Warm inviting aromas greet your nose

Beautiful colors of the wine, fish swimming in tank, fill you with anticipation of the meal.




Seafood platter
Voveti prosecco
Kale salad


The Manager greets us like we are royalty

The wine and focacia bread magically appear on the table

Time flies by as the tasting menu progresses

Succulent shrimp wows with red sauce

Our server expertly attends to us and answers all of our questions

Kale salad beautifies goat cheese bonbon


Delgadillo red blend
Wild mushroom ravioli
Mckinlay pinot noir
Pan seared scallops

Wild mushroom ravioli is my ambrosia

My senses are filled to the brim

Appealing boat scallops with delicious ricotta gnocchi melt in the mouth

Dessert of Creme brulee is highlighted with pineapple

We never want to leave this place


Lime cheesecake creme brulee

Beautiful place, exquisite food, genuine servers and staff. Lovely company.

A big hug to Yelp C.M. Brad for choosing such rare gem in the restaurant world.




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